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What does billeting give me, and how do I get a TDY?

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If Lodging has no room on base when you arrive for TDY housing, the main lodging desk usually gives out a limited list of hotels and asks which one you would like to stay at. According to the JFTR, you aren’t required to stay at these suggested hotels. The Lodging reception desk will give you a piece of paper that has their letterhead on it. It will state your name and the hotel that you are going to be staying at if there was no room for you when you checked in. It should also state the amount that you will be reimbursed or the amount that hotel is going to charge you per night. This is your Non-availability letter (aka Non-A letter or certificate). Once you have found the place where you want to stay while in Altus, locate the batch number or confirmation number at the bottom of letter from Lodging. This number is all you need to document theNon-availability per JFTRs Chapter 2, Part H, Sub-section U2570, subpart A point 1. We told you that we had experience with the military housing process! Just one more reason you’ll be glad you chose Enterprise Square for as your temporary duty apartment.

I didn't receive a NON-A, can I still live off base?

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YES! You are not required to stay where billeting sends you. Because your TDY is longer than 30 days, the JFTRs allow you to stay at a place that will allow normal living accommodations. See below:

Chapter 2, Part H, Section D of the JFTRs states:

“Member Uses Other Lodgings as a Personal Choice. A member:

  1. Who uses other lodgings as a personal choice, when adequate GOV’T QTRS?

             a. Use is directed on that U.S. INSTALLATION, and

             b. Are available on that U.S. INSTALLATION,

is limited to the GOV’T QTRS lodging reimbursement cost on the U.S. INSTALLATION to which assigned TDY (44 Comp. Gen. 626 (1965)).

Even if your orders say that government quarters are available and directed to use while TDY to Altus, AFB” per the JFTR you still have the option of “personal choice” to stay elsewhere but you are “limited to the GOV’T QTRS lodging reimbursement cost”. We will only charge the GOV’T QTRS lodging rate.

How will a Non-A letter or certificate benefit me? How do I get one?

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The benefits of Non-A are you receive more money to stay off base and full per-diem for food and other expenses. You also have your own place that feels more like home with a full kitchen and the amenities that come with our location. According to JFTRs Chapter 2, Part H, Subsection U2570 there are 3 ways of getting or documenting the non-availability at a GOV’T Installation. It reads as follows:

U2570 Travel Order/Voucher

A.  Documentation. Availability/non-availability must be documented by the member by:

  1. Confirmation number provided by the Service’s lodging registration process; or
  2. The date the member attempted to make reservations, and the phone number and name of the Billeting office POC;


  1. Member certification that GOV’T QTRS were not available on arrival.

B. Authorization/Approval. When a member provides acceptable documentation of GOV’T QTRS non- availability, the AO must authorize/approve reimbursement for commercial lodgings.

C.  Paper Non-Availability Statement Not Required (Effective 1 October 1995). Per USD (P&R) memorandum, dated 29 August 1995, DoD travelers are not required to obtain paper non-availability statements to justify reimbursement for commercial lodging and per diem.

This means you can receive or document the receipt of a non-availability by the one of the three means stated above:

  1. A confirmation number
  2. A date you tried to make reservations and the name of the POC you contacted at billeting
  3. Lastly simply through integrity, certify that there was no GOV’T QTRS available.

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What if you are TDY traveling with a pet?

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Contact us to see if Enterprise Square can help with accommodations.

Is the gym 24 hours?

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Yes, the gym is available for use 24 hours/day.

Are storage units available?

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Yes, please contact us for pricing details.

Is covered parking available?

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Yes, covered parking is available.

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